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Our History

Both The Mill and the Town of Little Falls have rich, centuries-old histories. We are located in Little Falls, New Jersey, a vibrant community located in Passaic County, New Jersey. Little Falls is strategically located near Route 80, giving residents easy access to New York City as well as to popular destinations further west of the town. Living at The Mill at Little Falls, you can reside in a setting that encompasses the falls and park-like surroundings, and be able to travel east into New York City for work and entertainment, or west to hike the Ramapo Mountains and the Delaware Water Gap, part of the Appalachian trail to the west. You can be at locations in either direction in less than an hour.

Our Historic Setting

The Mill at Little Falls is on the grounds of the Beattie Carpet Mill which was founded in 1842 by Robert Beattie, an Irish immigrant. The Mill was owned by the Beattie family until it closed in 1982.

The Beattie Carpet Mill was responsible for stimulating the growth of the local Little Falls community. The Mill brought jobs to the area, as well as the railroad, which was important for the transportation of raw material to the Mill and finished goods from the Mill.

Even before the Beattie Carpet Mill was founded, the Little Falls Area played an important role in history. The area was the site of a Revolutionary War encampment in 1780.

George Washington was briefly headquartered at the Dey Mansion in present day Wayne, NJ and thousands of Continental troops were stationed at strategic points in the surrounding area, including Little Falls. British Troops were in New York City throughout the Revolutionary War and Continental troops (our side) were positioned in New Jersey just behind the Watchung Mountains which provided a protective barrier from northern to central New Jersey.

The Great Notch Gap near Little Falls was one of the few areas where there was a break in the Watchung range. As such it was heavily patrolled by Continental Army troops.

The Mill at Little Falls incorporates 5 buildings from the original mill as well as a nine-story luxury high rise building. Most of our units are in the converted Mill buildings and most of our units have views of the Passaic River or the Falls.

The Mill at Little Falls